Aug 282013

Dwayne Jones-life ended
at age 16 years

Dwayne Jones in his casket

In the early morning on August 18, 2011, armed thugs barged into the small home that 16 year-old Oshane Gordon shared with his mother in the resort town of Montego Bay, Jamaica. As Oshane tried to flee through a window, the men chopped on his foot. When they caught him, they finished him off with several more blows from their machetes. The men then went back for Oshane’s mom and chopped her up as well. But thankfully she survived. The reason given for this brutal assault was Oshane’s “questionable relations with another man.

” Another Jamaican teenager was gruesomely killed by a mob as a result. Below is the August 24, 2013 funeral photo of Dwayne Jones, a 16 year-old teenager who was also from Montego Bay. Dwayne was buried on the same day that homophobic Jamaican reggae singer, Queen Ifrica, was prevented from performing at a concert in Toronto that was partially funded by Canadian taxpayers, some of whom are gay.  Ifrica thinks her freedom of speech was unjustly curtailed.

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