Apr 182013


Like the majority of countries, the above survive and retain relationships and friends in large cities.   Apart from work opportunities, being able to live the life of who you are can generally work best in large cities.

The Malaysian government retains the colonial era criminal ban on sodomy (as well as oral sex for both heterosexual and homosexual acts.  It is also a predominantly Muslim country that uses the Koran to condemn homosexuals.  To compound the matter, individuals may be charged in Islamic courts.

In 1994, the government banned anyone who is homosexual, bi-sexual or tans-sexual from appearing in the state controlled media.  How many of the above may find themselves forced into heterosexual marriages or marriages of convenience?

This next couple of sentences are ludicrous !  In 2010, the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia announced it would only allow depictions of homosexual characters “as long as the characters ‘repent’ or die.’

LGBT people are not giving up in Malaysia.  They are fighting these Islamic laws under the umbrella of human rights: Human Rights Committee of the Malaysian Bar, Women’s Candidacy Initiative, Purple Lab, Matahari Books, and the Annexe Gallery.

The government issued signs to recognize lesbiansim in young girls as follows:


Any women eating out? Can you spot
the lesbians?

  • Attraction to women;
  • Besides their female companions, they tend to distance themselves from other women;
  • A preference for going out, having meals etc. with women and a preference for sleeping in the company of women;
  • Not attracted to men

Good luck and love across the ocean to our brave an strong LGBT brothers and sisters.


Gay men like bright colors – so is this the
Gay Brotherhood, or Four Gay Waiters?


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