May 112015

Voting YES for equality


If you are a married straight heterosexual  R.C  person living in Ireland, I’d like to say a few words to you.  Firstly, I was born in Ireland, so I should be able to have an opinion of my own.  You never had anyone objecting to you marrying the person you loved.  If the R.C church had objected or refused to marry you, no doubt you would have married elsewhere.  Why should a gay person be refused the opportunity to marry the person they love?  In the Bible, traditional marriage is one man and many wives.

Campaigning for Equality

A broad range of campaigners, from sectors across Irish society, who are calling for a Yes vote in the marriage referendum attended a rally in Dublin City Centre this afternoon.

Entertainers, teachers’ union and students’ union representatives, politicians and LGBT rights activists came together in Merrrion Square for what they called the “final countdown” to the referendum on 22 May.

The event was organised by NOISE, which has been campaigning for marriage equality since 2007.

Every Vote Counts

“Every vote counts and we urge people to use their voice for a positive change in Irish society.  This is a historic opportunity for Irish people to be on the right side of history and vote yes,” said Max Krzyzanowski of Noise.

Host, comedian, actress and author Tara Flynn told the crowd that they could not be complacent, and that if the British elections told them anything it was that polls could be wrong.

She told the crowd that they were voting for equality and called on them to “love those who were thinking about voting no into voting yes.”

Catholic Church Opposition

The Catholic Church is pushing its opposition, but then – ‘what’s new?” But Irish people are still recovering from the rape of children by Irish priests.  Now, where is the morals in that situation?  How often in the past were women told to NEVER refusal sex when their husbands demanded it, and to NEVER use contraceptives.



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