May 102015

The mothers of Ireland will swing the marriage equality vote, former Fianna Fáil minister Pat Carey has predicted after publicly coming out at the age of 67.

Two  Prominent Political Parties in Ireland
There are two prominent parties in Ireland:  Fianna Fáil and Fianna Gael.  The Prime Minister is head of Fianna Gael and he has been proudly rallying for Marriage Equality.  He has courted the business community.  The opposition party, Fianna Fáil has been rather quiet and now that it looks like there will be a landslide in favour of same-sex marriage, certain well-known politicians  are speaking out.
Northern Ireland shown in purple

Northern Ireland shown in purple

Prominent Gay Coming Outs
Health Minister, Leo Varadkar, of the ruling Finna Gael party came out a few months ago.  The former President of Ireland’s son came out and now  Fianna Fáil older politician, Pat Carey has come out at the ripe old age of 67.

Mr Carey revealed that he had only come to terms with his sexuality in recent years, as he grew up in what he called “a different era”.

“There are lots of men, and indeed women, of my generation who have the same difficulty that I had in coming to terms with how you articulate your gender issues,” said Mr Carey.

“You think back to what it was like when you were growing up, and if I were writing it up or whatever, would say since my early teens that I was aware that I was in some way different.

“The part of the country I came from the word ‘gay’ wasn’t even heard of — people were regarded as being ‘a bit odd’, but it was in later years it would have crossed my mind that I am different.”

He said he believed his family had a sense of him being gay.

“This referendum will be won by the mothers of Ireland, I think most mothers know and they have a way of knowing, and they never say,” he said.

“Certainly my generation didn’t say it to anyone, but I think they know in their hearts there is some kind of difference there, and they deal with it, and in my case I never had any difficulty with my family at all.”

Well, Mothers of Ireland, get out and vote for all of Ireland’s finest gays and lesbians.  paula.


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