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Trish and I are travelling again, and doing what we love best – house and pet sitting.   On October 23, we left Canada as it was getting colder and flew to Los  Angeles (the city of angels).  It was a five hour flight from Toronto to LA and a layover of eight hours.  We had thought that we might rent a car and drive around the city, but the plane was over an hour and a half late and we were tired.  Our destination – Australia.

The Iranian Woman:


It was a busy pizza place and a mother and daughter smiled at us as we sat down next to them.  Trish went up to the bar to order a couple of cold drinks. Being a chatty person, I asked the two women what was their destination.  The young girl told me that she lived in LA, but her mother was flying to Iran.  For some reason, I felt genuine sadness upon meeting a woman in a country that has known much violence.  From my heart I said, “I pray for peace for your country and the countries surrounding Iran.”  She thanked me.  I added, “We are all one people – the human race.”   She reacted with a warm smile and said, “We have ONE God.”  Then, she got up and came towards me and hugged me.  I told her truthfully, that I had wanted to hug her, too.  This woman was in Western dress, just to give you a picture of her.  Had she been attired as a Muslim woman, I would have expressed my thoughts in the same way.   This woman also expressed that it is always “politics and sometimes  extremist religions that brings disaster and war.  It is encounters like this one that warms my heart.  It was light and love between two strangers that found its way into the darkness and hatred of war.  It made me realize that if we are open people, with hearts and minds filled with love, then we can make a difference in small ways.

The Birds and Sunshine


Australian Snowy Mountains from our aircraft

Australian Snowy Mountains from our aircraft

After our fifteen hour flight in a big Qantas airbus, we flew into the dawn of a new day.  The Captain drew our attention to the snow on the Snowy Mountains.  What a sight!  This is a beautiful world and incredible from such a high position.  At our hotel, we had breakfast in the sun and by the water. All around us was nature singing, unaware of wars, famines and injustice.  Once again, I reminded myself to embrace and hold beauty in my eyes and hearing.  This is our world, collectively and individually.  We have choices each moment to be positive and hold beauty of flowers that can be on the balcony of a high rise  city building.  In the busy streets we can notice the beauty of races as we hustle to get to work.  When overwhelmed, we can just say a ‘thank you’ for our sight, hearing, ability to walk, food, clothing and shelter and people who love us.  I am not preaching to YOU, I am just reaffirming in my mind what I should practise – attitude and gratitude.

Peace, love and play –



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