Sep 242017

It was ‘bone spurs’ that kept Donald Trump from seeing active duty in Vietnam.  Now, his wife Melania represents the USA at the Invictus Games held in Toronto starting September 23, 2017.

The Prince of Great Britain Served in Afghanistan!

Prince Harry served two duties in Vietnam.   Like his mother, Princess Diana, both sons have carried on unselfish lives.  Prince William was not allowed to serve in active duty overseas, but he served as a rescue helicopter pilot in Wales.  Each time he flew, he risked danger in order to rescue ordinary people.

Melania Observes

bringing world awareness to landmine victims

What could possibly be going through Melania’s mind as she watches men and women competing with missing limbs and still in the throes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder???.  The latter is just as stressful as dreams and nightmare and flashbacks occur often on a daily/nightly basis.  Is she actually present – in a human way?  Is she just present to represent the USA as the wife of a President.?  I won’t judge her – I feel that the love she has for her son must flow into other peoples’ lives.   Unlike the vindictiveness of her husband in wanting to destroy ALL THINGS OBAMA – Melania has continued to grow fruits and vegetables in the White House gardens.  This honours the work of Michelle Obama.

I am hoping that Melania will take this experience and like Michelle and Princess Diana, she will change lives for the better.

Melania and Harry

Prince Harry is rich in his own right.  He did sow some of his ‘wild oats’ as a young lad, but the “MAN” emerged.  Both Harry and Donald are world figures.  Each can change the world.  Harry has chosen PEOPLE over WEALTH.   He has chosen OTHERS over SELF.  His addresses to large bodies of people UNITE instead of DIVIDING.   Harry never belittles or insults others.   If he did not have a royal title – He would be a PRINCE AMONGST MEN.   Harry has no Hotels with his name on it.  Harry’s name goes quietly on statues, plaques and speeches to glorify OTHERS.   Melania may not be able to CHANGE her husband, but she has been thrown on the world stage for a reason.   Karma or life itself, is challenging her, not only as the wife of the President of the USA, but as a human individual. Donald Trump needs to use his wealth and influence to help others and not have himself as the centre of the universe.  The sad fact is that Donald Trump is unaware of the world, unless it’s HIS world and he benefits monetarily or egotistically from it!


Melania, you can make a difference!  Please do it.

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