Mar 102016

Unknown-4 On a LGBTI site (Pink News), the question was asked in its editorial “Why Not an International Men’s Day?” Many females wrote that every day was an International Men’s Day. One woman suggested that both these shoiuld be banned and an “International Cake and Gaming Day” be substituted.

Men on Pink News  commented on many issues, but never supported International Women’s Day! (up to this blog was posted) They wanted to bring their own issues!

Topic: Cancer:

The gay men, instead of supporting the plight of women in the world,” decided to add their “own agenda.” Comments stated that “breast cancer” took presidence in medical advances over “prostate cancer.” Naturally, I replied that all genders should be treated equally for cancer.

Topic: Scottish Schools:

One gay guy was upset that Scottish school boys pledge not to be violent to women and stated “what about men being punched in the face?” I commented that there should be no violence.

Topic: Boys are Falling Behind in the Maths/ Sciences due to the Emphasis on Female Education:

This male gay comment I replied to with the facts that boys are behind girls to start with, but catchup. I asked him where there was an example world wide of a boy being shot in the face (like Malala) for going to school.

Topic:  Ban International Women’s Day for Cake and Gaming!

To the Insidious Woman Who wanted Cake instead of International Women’s Day, and  I’m just waiting for the hallmark cards and the half price milk tray at Asda 😀

  • Ha! Ha! Ha! When you eat the milk tray,could you pause just for a second on the side of humanity, and remember that in most male dominated (backward societies) – The adult males eat first, then the young males, then the young females – and if there is any food over – the mother gets to eat. You and I have “International Eating Day” every day. I am not sure how old you are, but your comments are beyond disgusting!  And the UN states that world-wide women and children are not only murdered in numbers well above male victims, but they are undernourished far beyond males. Enjoy your chocolate bar taken after, no doubt, a good meal, in a safe home without the threat of violence from a family member. There are just somethings that a decent human being does not reduce to silly joking.  paula.

Violence Towards Women: The Need for International Women’s Day.

Here is a report from the United Nations:

Vienna, 10 April 2014 – Almost half a million people (437,000) across the world lost their lives in 2012 as a result of intentional homicide, according to a new study by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Globally, some 80 per cent of homicide victims and 95 per cent of perpetrators are men. Almost 15 per cent of all homicides stem from domestic violence (63,600). However, the overwhelming majority – almost 70 per cent – of domestic violence fatalities are women (43,600). “Home can be the most dangerous place for a woman,” said Mr. Lemahieu. “It is particularly heartbreaking when those who should be protecting their loved ones are the very people responsible for their murder.”

Over half of all homicide victims are under 30 years of age, with children under the age of 15 accounting for just over 8 per cent of all homicides (36,000), the Study highlighted.


Breaking our Strong Ranks

This Pink News editorial is insensitive to the plight of women and have turned it into a sad ‘what about us?”   And it was not about “What About a Day for Violence Against Gary Males” but just “US MEN.”  And as for that sole and sad women, we have always had the “Athena’s: women born from the head of men.  They would rather have praise from men than to stand shoulder to shoulder with women!”  Luckily, they are few in number.



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