Aug 202013
  1.     Where can I find a lawyer? Two thirds of the world’s lawyers live in the USA


    Is this true?

  2.     Islands with days of the week are: Tuesday Island, Wednesday Island, Thursday Island and Friday Island.  They are exist in the Torres Strait off the coast of Australia.
  3.   Do you have a nosey dog? The nose print of a dog is like the fingerprint of a person; no two are alike.
  4.   Watch television much?  The person of average size and weight burns 50 to 70 calories each colour just sitting and watching  television.
  5. Underneath the striped fur of a tiger is striped skin which preserves the camouglage effect.
  6. Creepy Crawley? Caterpillars had about four thousand muscles.
  7. Spooly Facts:  United States President Teddy (Theodore) Rosevelt’s wife AND mother died on the same day in the same house.  It was Valentine’s Day (February 14,  1884
  8.  Hamster Lover? The Golden Hamster is native to Syria.  In fact, all hamsters in captivity today can trace their roots back to the original litter discovered in 1930 by archaeologist Aaron Abrahams.
  9.  In Ireland, Jack O’Lanterns were once carved from turnips.
  10.    Sounds Fishy?  Sounds fishy?  Fish can taste with their fins and tails as  well as their mouth.
  11.     The hyoid bone is the only bone in the human body not connected to any other bone.
  12.  What’s in a Name?  Yahoo! is an acronym for “Yet Another Hiearchical Officious Oracle.” David Filo and Jerry Yang were in a trailer in Palo Alto, Calif., thinking of a name for their hobby!
  13. Hay fever? Sternutation is a fancy word for sneezing
  14. Votes Ladies?  New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote.

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