Jul 062013

1.  Penguins do not exist in the North Pole.images-1

2. People have their tonsils removed.  Did you know that if they’re dropped, they can bounce as strongly as a bouncing ball?

3.  Long ago in Japan they held contests to see who could fart the longest and loudest. The winner received gifts and high honour

4. Major League Baseball requires that all the umpires working in the league must wear black underwear at every game.

5.  Moles have to eat every few hours or will starve to death.

6.  The Pileated Woodpecker is about the size of a crow, it pecks an average of about 12,000 times per day, it can peck away at about 20 times in one second and closes it’s eyes every time it pecks.

7.  In the Republic of Albania shaking your head no means yes and nodding your head yes means no. It’s a fact.

8.  Before he was named Bugs Bunny, he was known as Happy Rabbit.

9.  Squirrels have thumbs.

10.  Less than2% of all people in the world can lick their elbow

11. If you spelled out every one of the states in the USA, the only letter you would never use is the Letter Q.

12.  The Kiwi bird lays the largest egg in proportion to her body size.

13  Owls in a group are most widely known as a parliament, not a flock.

14  In cards, the only king without a mustache is the king of hearts

15  It was a dentist who invented the electric chair for executions.

16  Mickey Mouse was the first animated figure to win an Oscar.

17. Crocodiles cannot stick their tongues out.

18  Most folks take only 7 minutes to fall asleep.

19  If you squeeze your nose together where no air goes in or out, you can’t hum. Try it!

20  The pressure created by a heart is sufficient to squirt the blood to a distance of up to 9 meters. That’s 27 feet.

21  The soldiers of Alexander the Great were obligated to be clean shaven so that their enemies were not able to grab their beards and be defeated.

22. If China’s population would walk past someone in a single line, the rate of reproduction is high enough to keep the line going forever.

23.  If a If a woman’s name is Mary it is against the law to be a prostitute in the city of Siena Italy. Otherwise, it’s perfectly legal as long as the brothel stays within the laws and rules of the government.

24  On average, the hearing of women is better than than that of men but men are usually capable of reading smaller print.

25.  A whale’s penis is commonly called a dork.

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