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When looking at historical people on horses, note the following trivia.


If the horse has both front legs in the air:

the rider died in battle.

If the horse has only ONE front leg in the air:

the person died of wounds as a result of the battle:

If the horse has all four legs on the ground:

the person died of natural causes.


Animal Laws Before Children Laws?

-In England, laws were enacted to prevent cruelty to animals (1824) before they were enacted to safeguard children (1884)


Quirky Animal Laws:

In 1474 an unlucky rooster was brought before a court in Basle, Switzerland accused of laying an egg.  It was found guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to be burned at the stake, along with the egg.

-Pine Island, Minnesota (USA) has a law that requires a man to remove

his hat when meeting a cow.

-In Natchez, Mississippi: It is against the law to feed beer to elephants.


The Sun and Pigs

Aside from humans, pigs are said to be the only animals that can get sunburnt – and- research has shown that pigs can become alcoholics.

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