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Inspiring Children’s Sites: Pauline Gallagher Provides One of the Best


This title is from a friend who is both a teacher and a parent.   I really like it.

Pauline also writes asPaula Key.”

My name is Pauline Gallagher and I am blogging on a daily basis to make an impact of the intellectual and emotional lives of children.  Education is the ‘key’ to a life-time of learning.  While there may be some merit in video-games, children need to read.   All information (even that on the internet) requires reading and not at the most basic levels.  Video-games cannot beat knowledge and creativity.

Here are some of my ebooks to be found on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple.

This is my ebook about bullying

When a dandelion first wakes up in a garden of flowers – it is not aware, nor are the flowers, that the dandelion is a weed.  Somewhere in that garden is a flower that is a bully with a history of prejudice.  This is a MUST story for children of all ages.  No child should be singled out as a WEED!

This book has been beautifully illustrated by an artistic friend of mine.

Mrs. Claus and the November Visit

Mrs. Claus seen in a wonderful partnership with Santa

This ebook deals with a letter received by Santa during the month of November.  He is busying working with the elves in the workshops.  He hands the letter over to Mrs. Claus.  The letter is from Oliver who is determined to run away.  Mrs. Claus and the reindeers head off to New York City to meet with Oliver.

This book won a place in the Canadian Library Association’s yearly story competition.  It is published in their anthology, “Winners Circle 6.”

Unicorns Come at Night

This is a story about the loss of a pet – a beautiful horse named Chestnut.  While on the surface, it may seem like a depressing story – it gives reassurance that we will meet our pets again.  This is a story that ends on a happy note.  You might say there is a ‘twist in the story.’


The Bouncing Blue Ball

Dolly the dog has lost her blue ball. Follow the ball on its adventures

This is a fun story.  Anytime I have read it to small children, I see their laughing faces.  They want to immediately see the picture that co-incides with an incident where the bouncing blue ball encounters funny people and creatures of the sea.  

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