Dec 252016

Pakistan set the record for planting trees in 2013 with 847,275 trees.  These two countries are very competitive and have engaged in wars for territory.  India: Volunteers Plant Nearly 50 Million Trees in 2016

Planting trees is a great effort for which the two countries should be congratulated.  paula.  The Guinness World Records noted that these trees were planted on July 11, 2016.

The Largest Province – Uttar Pradesh.

It is reported that around 800,000 volunteers from Uttar Pradesh worked for 24 hours and planted 80 different species of tree saplings along road, railway tracks and on public land.  The saplings had been raised in local nurseries.  This will take carbon dioxide from the air and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases.

India’s Commitment to Paris Climate Conference

India attended the conference in December 2015 and agreed to spend $6 billion to reforest 12 percent of its land.  It hopes to increase reforestation each year.India has experienced substantial loss of its forest cover over the past few centuries, as people cut down trees for firewood, pasture, and to make room for development. It is second in population density to China and growing steadily. The population of India stands at 1.25 billion people ( 1,25o,o00,000).

While this is a great achievement, statistics show that large plantings such as this one can have tree mortality rates as high as 40%.  Saplings need cultivation and watering and volunteers need to be on hand.  These saplings will be monitored by aerial photography.

Other Countries Have Pledged to Reforest

African nations pledged to reforest 100 million hectares.  I am not sure of the progress so far.

Unhealthy Indian Cities

In 2016, India is said to have 6 of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world.  Hopefully, with these massive tree plantings, some people may be able to breathe easier.  The weather is very hot and these trees will provide shade in the future.

Again, let’s keep our mind positive and our hands working for the planet – paula.


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