Oct 142013


THREE-YEAR-OLD iguana Nikki Hollis has been named sexiest lizard alive by men’s magazine Esquire.Hollis said: “It’s crazy because I am just a big nerd really. I like lying on rocks, eating insects and small mammals.“I haven’t even shed all of my old skin from last year.”Hollis revealed that she once chased a Land Rover because of strong territorial instincts.

When asked what she looks for in a mate, she said: “I like someone with brightly coloured spines running down her back, sharp claws but most of all a great sense of humour.”

p.s.  Paula here.   I changed the ‘he’ to ‘her’ and I changed ‘man’ into ‘someone.’  Afterall, if we (lesbians) are everywhere, we have to have sisters in the Iguana world.  LOL.   Her tongue makes her a hot commodity in the Lezzie world of Lizards (LOL)

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