Dec 092012


Hello, my name is Paula Key, and this is my very first blog.  I find myself feeling excited and a bit overwhelmed.  I can only liken this experience to a “Moving Day” when you find yourself sitting in a new place, surrounded by boxes stacked to the ceiling.  I confess, I dearly love most of these boxes.  Some contain four completed books that I hope to blog into e-books. I have carried these Lesbian characters in my heart and mind for the past nine years.

There are other items in boxes  that are are currently presenting me with real challenges.  These are the house warming gifts given to me by  new friends called “Web Hoster and Blogger.”  As I unwrap each box I come across  unfamiliar objects: widgets, plug-ins, RSS feeds and search engines.  I know now, that when I’m on my website, I can “ping” or “take a hit.”  I’m hoping that shortly I’ll  find them helpful friends.

I am told that there are neighbours I should contact called Facebook and Twitter.  When I’m more familiar with the neighbourhood, I’ll investigate lesbian forums and social chatrooms.  But I have to open more boxes before I’ll go and introduce myself.

Let me tell you about my website: “Stories 4 Hot Blooded Lesbians.”   It presents stories that celebrate lesbian women worldwide.  When not blogging the story, my supplementary blogs will deal with interesting facts connected to people and places in my main plot.

Set in Australia, England, Ireland, Vietnam and the U.S.A, these stories will introduce you to an Australian Outback Jillaroo, an English Carpenter/TV Star, an Irish Comic and Rebel, and an American Army nursing serving during the Vietnam War.

As Lesbians, we are everywhere!   So in jubilation, I say to you:

“My home is your home.”

Mi casa es su casa.  (Spanish)

‫بيتي هو بيتك‬‎  (Arabic)                  我的家就是你的家  (Chinese)

Ma maison est ta maison.  (French)

私の家はあなたの家です (Japanese)          मेरे घर में अपने घर  (Hindi)

Finally, in the Irish language of my birth:

“Is é mo theach do theach”








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  1. What a thrill to read your first blog!! I know this will be the start of a great adventure in reading and learning about our fabulous lesbian “herstory”! I can’t wait for more unpacking so we can all set forth on this exciting journey together!
    Congratulations Paula!

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