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A Carrot Racing Car in New Zealand

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In April, 2017,  I visited a small town called Ohakune.  From the map, you will see that it is in New Zealand.  It is a long way from two of New Zealand’s big cities – Auckland and Wellington.

                                                                               Ohakune town

Volcanos and Earthquakes

New Zealand is part of the “Ring of Fire.”

                                                                     Red lines show the “Ring of Fire”

This is a line around the earth where earthquakes frequently happen.  Near the town of Ohakune is an active volcano called Mount Ruapehu.  The mountains around the town provide ski-ing and it is a very pretty place.

                                                                             Ohakune with volcanic mountain

The Big Carrot and Carrot Race Car

The countryside around Ohakune has been a great place for farmers to grow vegetables.  The town claims that their “Big Carrot” is the world’s largest model carrot.

There is a playground with swings right beside the big carrot and other vegetables are there with laughing faces

The Carrot’s Friends:

                      Happy Brussel’s Sprout
            Happy Swede or Turnip
                Happy Potato


I like the racing car and it must run on carrot juice.  We know that vegetables are good for us.  It does not matter if we eat them raw in salads, or cooked on our plates or squashed in a blender.


We have been house/pet sitting for four years.  Through this great way of living, we have travelled throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti.

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