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House and Pet Sitting in Sydney, Australia allowed us to drive a couple of hours to the Blue Mountains.  This is a National Park and pets are not allowed.  Sadly, we left our lovely corgi, Snoop, at home for the afternoon.  He did not seem to mind as we took him everywhere for the 10 days that we lived in Crows Nest, Sydney.

Snoop, the beautiful Corgi

Are the Blue Mountain Really Blue?

No, not really, but at certain times of the day they can have a blueish look to them.    They are not high in the sense of European or New Zealand mountains, but they are well worth a visit.  There are scenic walks where incredible bird species are flying over head or in nearby bushes or trees. (See above images).  Walk around the sheer cliffs and encounter eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and villages with inviting guesthouse.

Katoomba, Blue Mtns.

Katoomba is one of the wonderful towns located beside the Blue Mountains.  Sit and enjoy a meal or beverage in cafes and pubs that overlook dramatic scenery.  Australia is an old continent and viewing this landscape can take you back to about 60 million years when the Aborigines first arrived in Australia.  The land is, of course, much older.

The Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters

We first visited the Blue Mountains about a decade ago, and it was nice to return in 2017.  Back then, Trish and I lined ourselves up for a photograph.  We did it in such a way that we had the three sisters between us, thus, there were FIVE sisters.  LOL

The Missing Cows

Missing Cows?

As you are probably aware, Captain James Cook arrived in Australia in 1770.  This was the same year that Wales, Ireland and Scotland became part of Great Britain.  The government was anxious to make Australia a colony.  The majority of settlers were mainly convicts.

The isolation and fear of attack from Aboriginals (Gundungurra people) deterred convicts from escaping.  However, much to the annoyance of the Governor, a group of cows escaped.  Armed search parties set out but the cows eluded them.  As with most colonizers, more settlers were needed and exploration of the land around Sydney followed.  One way to earn money from the British government and earn the Governor’s approval was to volunteer to be an explorer.  One former convict, John Wilson, may have been the first European to have discovered the Blue Mountain and gain access to them.   It was during this exploration that the missing cows were found!  Wilson never got to enjoy his fortune and fame.  He made the mistake of abducting an Aboriginal woman for his own personal use.  This act resulted in his death at Aboriginal hands.

The Gundungurra People.

A descendent of the Gundungurra people with the Three Sisters behind her

When John Wilson arrived at the Blue Mountains, the Gundungurra people were already living there.  This Aboriginal group tell of their creation story where DREAMTIME creatures, named Mirigan and Garangatch fought an epic battle.  These two creatures were half-fish and half-reptile and the reptile part scarred the landscape in this area as they fought one another.


Consider house and pet sitting.  Now in 2017, we have done this magical living for four years and hope to continue.

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