May 092017

What time is it?

Well, what time is it?   Obviously, it’s 10:78 pm and it’s Brisbane, Queensland in March, 2017.  The digitalized clock could be seen from our hotel room.

For the Birds!

The Flying High Bird Sanctuary was a great place to visit.  Many beautiful birds perched on our hands for pictures.
This was a hot and sunny day in Queensland and the owner of the sanctuary was quite happy for me to take her picture.  Yes, that’s a bird on top of her hat.


You Never Know What Sign You Will See!

This sign was posted in a toilet in either Queensland or New South Wales.  It is really hard to comment on it, but it must have been necessary for it to be installed.


The Terrorist Library?

We housesat in Bunderberg, Queensland, Australia in 2017.  We left this sugarcane and tourist town to drive to our next assignment which was down south – towards the New South Wales border.  We both needed a cup of coffee and this is the town that we broke our journey.

Signs in Homes

Remember as far as anyone knows, we are a nice normal family.

This sign was in one of our homes.  I really chuckled when I first saw it.






What is it?

What is it?

There was a plant that someone had broken off in a place called Walli., NSW.  Do you know its name?  This is Australia where so many reptiles, spiders and other things are just lurking and waiting to kill you!  LOL.

And there are  Somethings That  Will NOT Harm You!

This lovely cow was just down the road from where we housesat in Tambourine Mountain, Queensland.  We always stopped to say, “hello.”

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