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Kangaroo at the Turtle Sanctuary

Paula, Please point me towards the ocean

If you wish to house/pet sit in Queensland, then choosing Bundaberg is an opportunity for a rewarding time.

Bundaberg is a subtropical city in Queensland.  All around it are sugar cane fields.  Big factories make the sugar cane into  sugar and rum.  Bundaberg rum is very popular in Australia.

Over 6 ft – sugar cane

The climate with a lot of year round sun is great for growing a variety o fruit and vegetables: avocado, banana, melons, mangos, passionfruit, pineapples. Macadamia nuts are also grown.

How The Town  Got It’s Name

1890 Victorian building

Burnett River

Many of the old style Victorian buildings have been preserved.  This makes for wonderful exploration in the town and on the walking path along the Burnett River.

Historians think that Bundaberg is a combination of bunda – an aboriginal word for an important man, and berg meaning a hill or a part of the country surrounding a town.  It is affectionately called “Bundy.”


The colour of the wrappings on the rum and ginger beer is “orange.”  This is a Victorian pub

Bundy is an important tourist destination as it is called the “Southern Gateway” to the Great Barrier Reef.  The city lies near the southern part of the reef with Lady Eliot and Lady Musgrave Island that are delightful places.  Bargara is a popular holiday and retirement destination. It is also close to Mon Repos.

Turtle Sanctuary 

The Mon Repos turtle sanctuary is run by the State Park and lies just east of Bundaberg.  If a visitor picks the correct season, it may be possible to see either the laying of eggs or the hatching of turtles.  Last year (2016)  we were lucky to see  turtle eggs open and the emergence of tiny turtles.  We watched in the dark with soft torches/flashlights as these tiny hatchings made their way into the sea.

This time (Feb. 2017,) we were just walking on the Mon Repos beach in day time. To our delight,  we encountered a volunteer from Cambodia.  She was putting a handful of hatchlings into the sea.  She asked me to help and I have a photo here of holding one in my hand.  Only 1 in a thousand will return some three years later to lay her eggs.

Temperature Affects Gender of Turtles

Only 1: 1000 will make it back to lay eggs

Queensland has been extremely hot this summer in Australia (2017).  This has resulted in volunteers having to relocate the laid eggs to a cooler place on the beach.  Otherwise, the eggs would literary “cook.”  The temperature also results in determining the sex of the hatchlings.   I cannot tell you how incredible it was to hold such a heavenly creature in my hand.  We cheered as each little one scrambled down the beach and entered the ocean.

House and Pet sitting is a great opportunity to see new places in the world.  We have been very fortunate in having the house owner provide us with a vehicle.  Here is Trish with a truck which Aussies refer to as an “UTE.”

Trish and the ute.

After four years, we have made many wonderful friends and had some incredible experiences.  A variety of animals have thrilled us by their beauty and loving ways (horses, cows, sheep, alpaca, pigs, dogs, cats, fish, hamster, rabbit, birds etc) – No snakes or reptiles so far. LOL.

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