Aug 232017

It’s the summer of 2017 and we were housesitting and looking after a wonderful Great Dane.  His name was Sherman Octavius.  He was as big as “a Sherman tank” and had the regal breeding of a Roman Emperor.  LOL.  Our housesitting took place in a charming town near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  This gave us a great opportunity to take a side-trip to Niagara Falls – less than an hour’s drive away.

Sherman shared the home with Bacon and Eggs – two guinea pigs.  They had three large cages with entrance through each one of them.


The Great Dane’s ancestry goes back to Germany and he is one of the tallest dog breeds.  The record holder for the tallest dog is given to Zeus (who died in 2014 at the age of 5 years.)  In many countries, Great Danes have been hunters of boars.

Sherman the Gentle Giant

Our first encounter with Sherman occured on a pre-visit.

We heard his mighty bark before we saw his intimidating size.  This first meeting just introduced us to his regal appearance, strength and his protective nature.  In reality, two little girls under the age of eight play with him without any harm.

Sherman turned 9 years old and we celebrated with him.  He was such an easy dog to take for a walk.  Everything about him was ‘easy’ and he just relaxed  stretching his long and muscular body on coaches on the ground and upper house level. Here is a picture of another Great Dane – not knowing where to put his big body. LOL.

Not a Water Dog

Not a ‘water dog’ but more of a ‘couch potato.’

Sherman walked around the pool as we swam. Like the tall Ridgebacks that we looked after in Western Australia, this Great Dane did not get his feet wet!

Great Dane’s Life Expectancy

Sherman was 9 years old in the summer of 2017.  He has exceeded his life span of between 6-8 years.  When I researched Great Danes, it made me sad when I read, “Great Danes have been known to reach 10 years of age.”

Pet-Sitting is a Privilege

It was a pleasure to meet and live with Sherman for a couple of weeks.  Like people, we can learn from animals.  The most outstanding virtue of dogs is their unconditional love of humans.  If you are looking for a dog, may I suggest the humane society.  It breaks my heart to see a beautiful dog or cat caged when it is so willing to give its heart and soul to a potential owner.

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