Oct 262015
Becky (white lab) and Ben (yellow lab) head towards the clouds and mountains on a morning walk

Becky (white lab) and Ben (yellow lab) head towards the clouds and mountains on a morning walk


This is an unique pet sitting for many reasons. We are located high above a valley and still there are mountains above us. The house is totally “off the grid” meaning that it is totally self-sufficient. Electricity is obtained by solar panels. They are powerful enough to run lights, heat water and work a television. The owner is a Brit who was involved in the construction industry before he retired. He is divorced and has a new girl friend. Both of them are visiting her son who lives in Colombia and has a girl friend that is about to give birth to their first child.

We are looking after two adorable labrador dogs. Ben is an old guy who is very affectionate and has incredible patience with three year old Becky. He lets her take the ball from his mouth and puts up with her pouncing all over him. In turn, she loves him and will cuddle up beside him when it is time to relax. We take them on two daily walks – which is good for our bodies!

The Dirt Track

The house is reached by a long and winding dirt track. There are many of these tracks that lead to olive and fig farms or Europeans who have decided to retire here. Part of the housesitting deal was that a 4 x 4 car would be given for our use. It happens to be a Mercedes and it has no problem negotiating the track. We have taken the dogs once to the beach, but Ben lets us know that his back legs hurt when we try to lift him up into the back of the van. We have decided that local walks are in Ben’s best interest.

An Arid Landscape

This arid is beautiful. There are no grasses but the desert like landscape is abundant in fig and olive trees. There is an abandoned house on our walks and I just picked two pommegrantes. They are so sweet and declicious. We are not isolated. Once we navigate the track, we come to a major road in about ten minutes. We have gone into a beautiful harbour town L’Ametilia de Mar. Internet is hard to find and we found a great bar/restaurant called “Chill Out” and since it is not the tourist season, the staff are more than willing to serve us coffees and desserts. Our presence attracts other would be patrons. This entire region is called Catalonia and its residents have their own language as well as learning Spanish. Just recently, Catalonians voted to become independent of mainland Spain. The fierce rivalry can be seen when the Barcelona (Catalonia soccer club) plays Real Madrid. The Catalonian flag is visible everywhere. Whether Catalonia can become independent (it is a wealthy region of Spain) remains to be seen.

Tomorrow – We see Human Pyramids

There will be contests tomorrow on the Feast of St. Ursula.

They take the shape of human pyramids – some have said to have reached a ten storey building. This competition started in Catalonia. Along with the pyramid contests will be Catalonian traditional music and dance.

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