Apr 262013

images-1The Titanic sank 100 years ago on April 12, 1912.  To mark the one hundredth anniversary of this tragedy, there were many meetings, speeches and media broadcasts.

Right-wing evangelists could not resist using the tragic sinking of a ship to highlight their agenda against homosexuals. In April 2012, Truth in Action Ministries, posted a video that used the iceberg as an analogy for how the ‘radical homosexual agenda” will sink American society.  Heterosexual marriage and the defence of the family now represented the Titanic ship.

What the Truth in Action Ministries failed to grasp, was that the analogy can go both ways.  If the “radical homosexual agenda” is the iceberg, how then did the iceberg impact on the Titanic?  We know it sunk it, but how did an unsinkable ship sink?

The owners, designers and builders of the Titanic claimed that she was unsinkable. Some Titanic financial investors pompously stated that “God Could Not Sink Her.” Truth in Action Ministries would probably claim that their foundation is the same.

imagesThe Titanic was the largest ship of her day, and money was channeled into her.  The privileged of society were in the First Class suites. What Truth in Action Ministries fail to grasp, is that she was brought down by a perfect storm of arrogance, faulty engineering, bad steel, and outright negligence.  These are historical facts. Gays and straights died side by side.

If the right-wing wants to use the “iceberg as an analogy for homosexuals” it may backfire on them.  The iceberg was just nature doing what icebergs do.  The iceberg had no malice or desire to sink any ship.  However, those who captain such ships or organizations with Titanic negligence helps to sink itself.  The leadership on the Titanic could have avoided the iceberg if each person had equipped themselves with basic knowledge about the real world and how to avoid disasters.


Unsinkable ship?….friendship.
Love always triumphs over hate.

It will be the hatred and lies of  “Titanic institutions” that will sink their ships.   The “love ships” will steam ahead.


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