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Christians and others who state that they“hate the sin, but love the sinner” is extremely harming to those contemplating ‘coming out’ or those who do not have a healthy concept of God and themselves.Unknown

A person cannot  separate him or herself from whom they love.  By stating homosexuality is a sin, spiritually deprived Christians are advocating that homosexuals should hate their sexual orientation and by doing so, hate themselves!  By stating that they “love the sinner” is ludicrous.  It is like inviting someone to a dinner and confining them to eating by themselves in the kitchen.  People like this are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ – wanting to justify hatred under the disguise of loving.  To begin with, Christians have been told by Christ NOT to judge.  So why do Christians disobey Jesus?

Scott Lively - there's nothing Christian about this man!

Scott Lively – there’s nothing Christian about this man!

Lives Surrendered to the Ego

People who are ego driven like to think that they are special.  They belong to groups, clans, churches that single them out and enable them to bond with people of same minds.  When used positively and spiritually, large numbers of people can serve mankind.  These are the egoless people who love others and want to raise people to places of dignity and economic freedom.

The negative group follows the ‘herd mentality.’  They have a history of dark negativity and they are a menace to society and certain groups of people.  You have to be mean, a thug or a bully to have joined the Nazi party and Nazi youth.  Many of the Nazi youth turned in their friends and own family for an ideology of superiority – the Arian or fair race that would eradicate the Jews and non-Arians.  Scott Lively and other “Christian” ministers went to Russia and Uganda to spread hatred against homosexuals.  Lively is on trial for Crimes Against Humanity (2015)images-6

The UnChirstian Ego and Ivory Tower

Evangelicals and conservative elements can only feel special if they put down others.  The reality is that they are the UnChistian bullies, but they see themselves as “special” with a mission to declare others sinners.  They go on crusades, have conferences and go on the internet to spread their ‘self-righteousness.’  They rant against many: homosexuals, immigrants, the poor, the welfare participants, single mothers, unwed mothers, abortion – to name a few, but they defend the right to “free speech” even if it is hateful.  In the United States they decry affordable health care for all, believe in the right to bear arms, and the right to consider all those who do not see “the light” or “God’s ways” as being immoral, perverse, unnatural, unmotivated and basically “un-American.” Unknown-6 Many of these people cOme from families that embraced segregation. Many of them  insult Barack Obama with racial comments.Unknown-1


Afro-American in the ears of segregation were forced to sit at the back of buses and to give up a seat to any white person.

Afro-American in the ears of segregation were forced to sit at the back of buses and to give up a seat to any white person.

Many of those who supported segregation used the Bible to justify it!

Ivory Tower – continued

The Ivory Tower is a home for these people who are basically fake when it comes to being a human being. Being a bully or having a “saving cause” makes them feel “chosen by God” and dedicated to fighting anything that they deem to be ungodly or immoral.  Their view God as a Supreme Being who will smite the immoral and damn them to the eternal flames of hell.  Not seeing their own sins, they focus instead on the sins of others.  They feel justified in pointing out sins, but never consider this to be judging.  From their speeches and comments, these are not happy people.  To know the loving God can only bring happiness and a desire to empower and love others.  These people thrive on bitterness and hatred.

Challenging the Ivory Towersimages-4

I have constantly asked people who comment negatively on homosexuality to explain to me the reason behind The Parable of the Good Samaritan.  I never get a response.  I have asked them to go to Leviticus and explain why God would not want the following to be his/her priests:  dwarfs, people with blemishes, people with flat noses, men without testicles and men with injured penises, the lame and the blind.  It makes sense to me that parts of the Bible are truly inspired and spiritual, while others are dubious and extremely revengeful.  One example would be a God that wanted every man, woman, child and animal to be slaughtered for the benefits of the Israelites.

images-5It is hard to challenge or change hate-filled people.  They get their status, sense of being and purpose for living on a hate-filled agenda.  Often, to boost their cause, they will lie and invent statistics.  I have found many who refuse to believe in advanced institutions world-wide that state that homosexuality is not a mental illness, perversion and that it cannot be reversed, hence, a person is born this way.

While few of these people will change, it is our job as homosexuals and all people of justice and compassion to stand up and provide them with our truth:  all people are created equal with rights.

Do not ever consider yourself less than a perfect and delightful human with an incredible ability to make a difference.  We are all ‘works in progress’ – so let’s be gentle with others and ourselves.










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