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If, in the next life, I am coming back as an ‘animal,’ then it will be as a female Bonobo Ape.   Keep reading and you will know why.  (lol) paula. But, let’s start with another kind of monkey, the Macque.

Japanese Macque Monkey


Trish and I need this kind of coat
in Canadian winters

Known as the “snow monkey.” Same-sex relations are frequent, though rates of sexual interaction vary amongst troops.  Females will form partnerships which are characterized by affectionate social and sexual activities.  In some troops, up to twenty-five percent of the population will engage in partnerships.  The bonding can last from a few weeks to a strong and permanent relationship.  Males also have same-sex relationships but often with multiple partners.


tumblr_mk2twfCWEb1s7aky5o1_500It really surprised me to learn that male giraffes engage in remarkably high frequencies of homosexual behavior.  It has been reported that it is common between males to have more mounting and climax with other males than with females.  It seems that there is only about 1% of female same-sex mounting between females

Black Swans:

Scientist have estimated that up to 25% of black swans pairings are of homosexual males.  They steal nests, or form temporary ‘threesomes’ with a female.  Once she has laid the eggs, the males driver her away.  It is interesting to note that with homosexual pair raising, more cygnets survive to adulthood than those of heterosexual mating.  The fact that there are two strong males, may account forimages-19 the nest being better guarded from predators.  Up to 19% of mallard ducks leave the nest after the eggs are hatched to form male-male relationships.


Same-sex bonding between males has been observed in zoos through North America, Europe and Japan.  At the Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany, zookeepers tried separating three pairs of bonding males but the relationship was ‘too strong.’

Bottlenose Dolphins:images-18

Sexual encounters between females take the shape of “beak-genital propulsion”, where one female inserts her beak in the genital opening of the other while swimming gently forward. Between males, homosexual behaviour includes rubbing of genitals against each other, which sometimes leads to the males swimming belly to belly, inserting the penis in the others genital slit and sometimes in the anus.

Bonobo Ape –  This is the “one” to celebrate (LOL)


“Let’s not fight over that banana, I have
a better idea!”

The Bonobo is born into a matriarchal society, unusual amongst apes.  There is a 60% of same-sex female bonding, which is the highest recording rate of homosexuality in any species.  They also use sex to defuse tension that might result from a possible fight over food or possession of items. (World Leaders have Sex)


Other Homosexual Mating Percentages:

*Lions:                   8% of males.   Female mating only noted in zoos.

* Rams                  8%

*  Gulls                 10-15% of female western gulls (no mention of males)

*Bonobo Apes:    60% of female same-sex  (highest rate amongst all species).

These are just a few selections.  It is a fascinating subject and note should be taken that in similar ways to humans, homosexuality in animals also has a very deep emotional bonding.

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