Jun 192016

HOMOPHOBIC Pastor Jesse Price “Needs to be Saved.”

Three days ago Pastor Jesse price of Beech Cliff Pentecostal Holiness Church, GodWrathPentecostalJohnson City,  Tennessee – put a message on the church’s sign that alliances of the LGBT

Pastor Price “needs to be saved” from his hatred of homosexuals.   Please don’t think that he “loves the sinner and not the sin.”

This dispicable human posted this message just days after the Orlando shooting:

“Homosexuals got shot down in Florida. It looks like God’s wrath is about to start pouring down on the gays.”

So the God of Love (God is Love: John 1) is now working through a mental Muslim who also believes that homosexuality is unnatural and sinful.

And could this man please explain how God was responsible for the 26 children killed in Sandy Cove elementary school?


Pastor Price you do NOT represent the unconditional loving Jesus. Let me make it simple for you. You need to be saved from your hatred and judging of others.

In the Story or Parable of the Good Samaritan, a lawyer asked how to enter the Kingdom.

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Jesus told him: “Love God, Love neighbour, love self.” Now the lawyer was quite aware that Judaism made it clear that Samaritans were ‘unclean’ and less than first class citizens.

In the story of the man beaten by thieves, a priest walks by and does nothing. He knew the Torah and had no love for neighbor. Likewise, a Levite walked by, knew the Scriptures and had no love in his heart.

Pastor Price, think about why Jesus placed the Samaritan above both men. Jesus was clearing stating that Christians do NOT get a choice in which neighbour they love and which one they detest.

If you are sinless, Pastor Price, then my all means cast the first stone. O.K, put the stone down and love your neighbor.

As a last word, I find that Christians can fall into two major categories:  Those who are fearful of eternal hell – and those who see a brilliant unconditional loving God.  We know which category Pastor Price falls into – and his name PRICE.  There is a price to pay for hatred.

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