Feb 192016

Paula here and I’m snorting with angry emotions.  Using the internet,  I landed up on a “Rescue Christians” site.  It is so UNChristian and so hateful towards Muslims and women, that I hit back with this comment:

“This is one of the most blatantly ignorant sites – full of lies and poorly written. It downgrades God’s people: women, Muslims and others. It is written by Theodore in the style of Goebbels the propaganda minister for Hitler. Goebbels stated on record that ‘lies if told often will convince people that they are truth.” What really is unfair, un American and UnChristian is the way this site operates. it takes isolated pictures of women (and calls them stupid) and isolated Muslim violence and makes it appear that Muslim violence is epidemic. For example, 0.1% of the Muslim population world-wide is involved in extremism – that makes 99% of peaceful Muslims living next door to us, operating on us, and providing all sorts of services. Many Muslims are in the USA military. When a picture is taken of violence by a Muslim, in say, Germany, we do not know the full circumstances. If 500,000 Muslim emigrants are in Germany and 99% are peaceful and productive, why pick out this isolated incident. You could just as easily get a picture of an American male committing violence. In fact, if an American is going to die accidentally, it will be from a fellow American with a gun or from American husbands and boyfriends murdering their wives and girlfriends. As a Christian, I find this site unChristian and I warn you, Theodore, of the words of Jesus, “What you sow, you reap.” Sow injustice, sow lies, sow hatred of your neighbour and God will deal with you!”

I am a lesbian, but I have never suffered blatant homophobia (mind you, I have argued homosexuality with Christians but it has been done in a decent manner).  When I decided to start blogging in 2013, I set moral standards for myself.  I would deal with issues using facts and not venom.  In viewing Islam, I can understand, that like the Bible, it is open to interpretation – and I do not hold with extreme views of anyone portraying  God as vengeful, hateful, and hating his homosexual children.  I also know that social customs get mixed up with Islam.  For example, the Koran/Quran does not forbid women from driving cars since it was written before their invention.  However, Saudi Arabian right-wing Islamic clerics seem to consider this female freedom as unIslamic!  Just as lesbians and gays come in all colours and have different views on life, so is it with Muslims.   I hate generalizations!  Everyone walking this planet is an individual to afforded dignity and respect.

Let’s Be Fair to Muslims!

I am sure that you are a fair-minded person, so bear with me while I give some facts about Islam and it is attached to the USA and Great Britain.

Not all Americans are Islamophobic.  When a mosque was burned to the ground by extremists in Missouri, a total of $400,000 was raised mostly by Christians. The majority of Republicans voters, according to polls and their speeches (Donald Trump,for example) are extremely Islamophobic.

Muslims Breed Like Rabbits!

There is an Islamophobic conspiracy that Muslims are secretly and quietly ‘breeding like rabbits’ and hoping to outnumber Christians.  According to Doug Sanders’ book, “The Myth of the Muslim Tide,” the current Muslim population in the USA stands at 2.6 million and it is estimated that this number will be 6.2 million in 2030.  This will put Muslims at 2.7% of the American population and on par with Jews and Episcopalians – hardly a threat!

Muslims Are Basically Violent!

Less than 0.1% of the entire Muslim population world-wide has been involved in violent extremism – this allows 99% of Muslims to live peaceful and productive lives.  Gallup Polls have constantly proven that Muslims do not hate Jew or Christians, but insist that Islam is a religion of tolerance.  (Again, like the Bible, the Quran can be quoted against women and homosexuals).

Muslims as Citizens!

In the USA, Muslims earn above or at par as the highest income group, and second as the most educated group.  Many Muslims have served in the military.  Their children play baseball, hockey and football like all American groups.  Many Muslim girls are also in sports.  While some Muslims may have strong views about the role of women, in the USA 90% of Muslim wives and women work outside the home.

Final Comments:  I feel better now!



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