Aug 142013

images-10Hitomi Nabatame is a Japanese voice actress who is affiliated with Ken Production. When voicing adult games, she is known as Maki Tezuka, Fuka Hinami, Myu Nonaka, or Ko Shiina

Last year, Hitomi joined Shizuka in a marriage ceremony and released a CD of it all.   They are a singing lesbian duo who are very popular in their homeland, Japan.

There is very little information about the authenticity of this marriage.  On some English written blogs in Japan, there are sceptics who think that these Japanese artists, while good friends and singing artists may be using the marriage as a gimmick. (Similar complaint by the Russian sceptics of Tatu.

As in two previous blog on this site, I have been  researching (and hoping for fresh updates) as to the problems and joys of living a lesbian life in Japan.  It is still a patriarchical society, but Japanese lesbians (as with lesbians world wide) have a way and need to find love or companionship with their own kind.  I have found that there are many lesbians festivals in Japan, but often they are not publicly advertised.  However, ex pats lesbians in Japan and their Japanese counterparts get to visit these festivals; where there is a will there is a way!

It is my goal to bring our lesbian sisters world wide to this site, but sometimes it is difficult when lesbians live in either an oppressive or outright hostile country.   If you are a Japanese lesbian, please contact me.  I would love to publish your story on this site.




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