May 232013


Heterosexuality:  A Threat to World Values

War:  The domain of male heterosexuals.


Billions spent on death machines;
young lives lost


Famines that take millions of lives

Famines and genocide:  The greed of male dominated cultures that result in famine and genocide.

Aids barely addressed by multi-billion dollar drug companies;  Aids that could be eradicated NOW, or at least treatable


Aids Victim:
Victim of drug companies and religions that deny

  Rampant incest, rape, and violence towards women.

I’m placing the blame at the feet of the ‘heterosexual male.’    Not every heterosexual male, some are quite human and moral, but the vast majority are a tragic bunch of throw backs to the cave men days.   Now, you may say, Paula, that’s very harsh, and coming from a lesbian, it does seem to have a bias component to it.

Well, dear reader, let’s just look at the facts.  They are not taken out of a Gallup Poll or from some political or religious organization.  They are the facts of history and they are ongoing.

Look back at the list of immoral acts by heterosexual males against one another.  (Heterosexual violence against homosexuals is another topic).

Wars have been raging for centuries.  Who led them?  Apart from Alexander the Great, who was said to be homosexual or bi, the vast majority of wars have been perpetrated by heterosexual males. (A few heterosexual women have been involved but their numbers are less).

The Aids epidemic, particularly in Africa, could have been eradicated years ago.  Who to blame the powerful, heterosexual male C.E.O’s and the Pope, who decided that God did not like condoms.  Now, God is delighted to see grandmothers raising their grandchildren, their own children   of Aids.  Naturally I am being sarcastic about God.  I believe that He/She/Spirit is a loving presence that has given humans free will.

The majority of heterosexual males, scattered across the globe, have not learned how to cherish and offer their wives equality.   If they are not raping women (hetero and homo), they are violent towards them and have impunity from the hetero police and hetero governments

Now, I haven just touched on world religions.  Each of the major world religions was founded by a heterosexual male.  The heterosexual male founders saw a God that was masculine and very much created in their image.  This God did have a compassionate side, but largely he was a god of war.  The God of the Jews and the Muslims was a judging god,  who came with a set of regulations.  Heterosexuals females had no choice but to accept the God of their masters.  The females were recognized along with the cattle as property of the heterosexual male.  Buddha was different, except that after his death, the heterosexual males claimed that they should only be monks, which has a similar theme in Roman Catholicism today.  And, just to keep the status quo going, rules were passed on from God to the heterosexual males that made sure their wives did not choose another woman, and their sons avoided relationships with other men, and chose wives to keep the tribe strong and numerous.

Now, I’m not personally against heterosexuals.   I loved my heterosexual parents.

My dad and mom must have had some ‘gay genes’ because they were peaceful and loving and non-judgmental.   I even have ‘straight’ friends and, at times, they are very human.  It is not heterosexuality with its sins that I hate, I can love my brother and sister heterosexuals and hate the sin.

I do, however, draw the line with regard to ‘world values.’   It is very scary for young heterosexuals growing up in a heterosexual world that continues to start wars, and perpetuates violence towards women.  Even if you drag these heterosexual kids to church, there is likely to be a male priest or minister ranting about the sins of homosexuals.  O.K kids, name me monstrous homosexuals – give me an example of the equivalent of a Hitler and Stalin.  Name a homosexual that invaded  a country and ignored the United Nations, claiming it had its own information to do so.

Look, all I’m saying, is that we have left the world in the hands of heterosexual males for too long.  It’s time to move over and give homosexuals a chance to rule the world.


ALL humans need to get under a banner of love,
justice and peace and WORK TOGETHER.

What a change it would be!    Gay pride marches with happy revelers replacing goose-stepping soldiers, and my gracious, these soldiers are dressed ‘all the same.’

Oh, I know, you are saying that the species could not continue without heterosexual males and females.  Well, that’s only partly true.  Gays are having their own children, too.   Let’s just tuck the heterosexuals away to the side and let them breed and divorce.   More physical sports for the  males to replace the ‘genes of war.’  And, we as homosexuals, must share some part in this mess created and sustained by ‘heterosexual males.’

And let’s not hate the heterosexuals, they did not choose to be that way!

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