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I am aware that lesbians go back well before the turn of the 20th century, but  I just want to bring you up to date starting with:

-Early 20th century:  Paris is a haven for many rich lesbian writers, painters and entertainers who entertained one another in Parisian salons.

-1922: Gertrude Stein publishes “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene,” a story about lesbians.

-1928: British lesbian, Radclyffe Hall, wrote a tragic novel

called the “Well of Loneliness.”

-1959:  Daughters of Bilitis, first lesbian rights movement founded in San Francisco.

-1970s – Lesbians come out in American politics.

-1981 – Tennis star, Billy Jean King is outed by lover

-1993 Melissa Etheridge comes out, and has success with “Your Little Secret.”

-1993  Martina Navritalova declares she is gay

-1997: Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian.

-2001: The Netherlands is first country to recognize same sex


-2004: Marcia Hams and Sue Shepard are first same sex couple to marry in Massachusetts.

-2008:  elen and Portia are legally married in California

-2013: First lesbian Buddhist Wedding in Taiwan

-2013 – First British lesbina wedding of two Muslims

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