May 062013


My partner, Trish, and I will soon be visiting New Zealand for six months.

We have not yet set a definite date, but it could be as early as November 2012,

or later in the New Year.

We are both retired teachers, with lots of energy, always looking for fun.  We hope to buy a used camper van and explore the beauty of Kiwi Land.  We did this in Australia in 2011, and hope to have the same kind of adventures in New Zealand.

Ten years ago, Trish and I did a year’s teacher exchange to Sydney.  On the way home to Canada, we were delighted to spend two weeks on both islands of New Zealand.  But our time there was too short, and we can’t wait to return!images-10

One of our most heart-warming encounters was with a group of Maori performers whose singing brought tears to our eyes.  We could not understand the Maori words but the essence of the singing definitely touched our spirits.

On this trip, we would like to meet plenty of women, but warm and friendly lesbians in particular!  Such meetings often lead to life-long friendships, and possibly exchanges and visits to each other’s homes.  If you are interested or any of your friend are interested,  please contact this site or my personal email:   We would also like advice on how to best spend time on Pacific islands that can be reached from New Zeland.


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