Mar 012017


Here are ten questions.  Scroll down for answers.  You can also pass this on to kids you know!

1. What is the Ford Anglia (105E Deluxe)?

a) magic shop   b) best wand   c) flying car

2. What is the Basilisk?

a) flying car    b( giant snake   c) a strong spell

3.  Who is the master of Dobbie the Elf House?

a ( Lucius Malfoy b Rubeus Hagrid  c Cedric Diggory

4, Hermione’s parents are

a) dentists    b) doctors    c) shop owners

5. What was the name of the Weasley twins’ snack box that caused instant ‘sickness’ ?

a)Puking Pastilles   b) Throw Up Chewing Gun  c) Sickening Sweets

6. What are the first names of the Weasley twins?

a) Fred and Frank   b) Will and Walter   c)Fred and George

7. Ron Weasley is very afraid of ……

a) dragons   b) spiders    c) cats

8. What sporting event occurs in “The Goblet of Fire?”

a) Quidditch World Cup   b) cricket   c) flying broom races

9. What does the Marauder’s Map show?

a) treasure on an island  b) secrets passages, corridors, classrooms c) where to find the Philosopher’s Stone

10. Who is Rita Skeeter?  She appears in all of the Harry Potter Books.

a) a witch    b) a reporter    c) a teacher

Scroll down for answers

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