Feb 032017

Paula here.

When did you last see a continual happy face on Hitler, Mussolini or the entire Trump administration?  Anyone that hates cannot be genuinely happy.  Our bodies (including our faces) were set in place to smile and relax.  Here’s an experiment, first close your fist and declare that you are angry against someone.  Feel the pain in that closed fist?  Now, relax for a moment and stretch out an imaginary hand of friendship.  Notice the relaxation of your hand.  It is the same with frowning and smiling.  Muscles either tense or relax according to your mental intention.  Stress is a factor that leads to dis-EASE and unhappiness.  So, here are happy sayings and symbols.  Smile and enjoy!


We can change our lives and do it with a foundation of happiness.  Let’s buzz with contentment for all the blessings that are in our lives: food, clothing, shelter, friends, – sight, hearing, walking, talking – (if one of these blessings is missing in your life, I wish you peace and the ability to cope and transcend.



Live in the moment.   Cuddle with people who feel and act like loving pandas.



Reach out!  Expand.   Soar.    Walk in nature or enjoy the sunset from a tall city building.   Add flowers to a flowerless city balcony.


                             You may wonder why I have put these two images below.  After all, wasn’t it a ‘be happy’ theme.

My thoughts are that we can fight hatred with being happy inside.   Why become miserable?  In fact, truth, justice, love and solidarity are the weapons we use.   Being happy and hopeful does not being being a “door mat” or letting fascist come in – bit by bit – until it is too late.  The idea is not to let fascism seep inside us and keep us from being happy and hopeful and loving.





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