May 052016

Happy Birthday, Trish

May 5th -On my Earth Walk I found my love, Trish. It is her birthday today and I send her all my love and gratitude for the joy she has brought into my life.  I love the term Earth Walk because it presents pictures of humans walking from babies until they die.  It seems to be the one leveler that does not concentrate on race, skin color, religion, gender or sexual orientation.   We are simply born into cultures and religions and we have to grow, learn tolerance and choose between peace and violence – love and hatred – tolerance and intolerance.  Humans need  fundamental basics: food, clothing, shelter, community, safety and to love and be loved!  We were meant to live in peace.

Before I Met Trish



Like so many people, my earth walk had me facing dark clouds of invisibility and storms of challenges that buffeted my face and challenged my soul.   In ‘dark nights of the soul’ I experienced fear and doubt and a lack of self-esteem.  However, I was not walking alone and my spiritual guides (sometimes called angels) never abandoned me and brought me out of the darkness into the joy of life and laughter. This does not mean that I have no difficulties or challenges, I do, but I have Trish as my love and companion.


I was raised a Roman Catholic and I abided by the rules of the Church.  At one point in my life, I was forced to look at scriptures that were interpreted as sinful and it these were directed at the core of my BEING!  I could accept these scriptures and live alone and  celibate or I could read the positive, the loving words and actions of Jesus.  It was the love and unconditional love of Jesus that commanded me to Love God, Love my Neighbour and Love Myself.  The last one is essential to living on the Earth Walk.

Today is Trish’s birthday and I thank God for the gift of her.  It is a love that makes me a better person. It is a love that calls me forth to love not only her but others.  I have met many people who I have loved and who have loved me and they are also God’s gifts.   However, it is the love of Trish and our marriage that has been incredible joy.  This love compels me to blog for my lesbian sisters.  I blog to comfort them in countries where they are persecuted simply because of being born gay.  I blog for those who are questioning their sexual orientation.   I blog for those who are trying to balance a religion that states they are sinful with scientific knowledge from groups like the World Psychiatric Association that in March, 2016 urged the United Nations and World Leaders to acknowledge that homosexuality is another sexual choice and that homosexuals are not sinful or deviant or second class citizens.  I blog because I love Trish and Trish loves me.

Trish, I love you.  Happy Birthday.


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