Apr 232013


HAPPINESS is essential to every person on this planet.   When so many things separate us from one another, happiness unites us as humans.

Happiness knows no boundaries. images-17  A smile on a baby’s face is as enchanting as a smile on a wrinkled old person’s face.   The eyes twinkle and shine and the mouth curls on every colour of ski

images-19It takes more muscles to frown and look unhappy than it does to smile and bring happiness.smiling_people_and_animals_23

Happiness visits the rich and the poor.   A sunset comes free to a person living in poverty as it does to a person living in a castle or luxurious home.smiling_people_and_animals_20Smiling Inupiat Womanimages-10

Our words have the ability to bring sorrow or happiness.  We smile and say “hello” to a stranger and never know its wonderful impact.  That person’s sorrow and pain may have been lightened for a while.

Children with luxurious gifts and toys can be happy, but so can children in developing countries who gather to kick a soccer ball.  However, it would be nice to have children in poorer countries have computers to gain an education.  Bill and Belinda Gates of Microsoft (and others) are making this happen.


Throughout the planet, we wake up in different worlds.  Here in Canada, I am fortunate to have slept on a bed in a safe environment.  I will use water to shower, look into the fridge to find food and go to work.  These things are often denied to others.


ellen spreads happiness. She says, “Be kind to one another!”



And I like to smile, too.

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