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irelandThis story sparked memories of my beloved Aunt Lillie.  I had emigrated to Canada and then, years later, came out – well, not to everyone.  I told my same-age relatives in Ireland and I was accepted. One of my cousins told Aunt Lillie.  I sighed.  My Aunt Lillie was a practising Roman Catholic and I was sure she would not approve.

Surprise.  Surprise!

In a casual phone conversation, Lillie surprised me.  “Your mom in heaven would approve of you and Trish.”  I took a breath.

“Lillie, you know that its a gay relationship?”

“Of course I do!  But, isn’t it a relationship based on love?  No one should have to live alone, unless they want to.”

Lillie and my mom have passed on.  However, if both were alive today and living in Ireland, I know how they would vote – Yes! Yes! Yes!

Mrs. Connolly, 90 years young is voting YES

Mrs. Connolly, 90 years young is voting YES

Madeline Connolly

Irish great-grandmother Madeline Connolly is inspiring four generations of voters ahead of the country’s marriage referendum on May 22.

The incredible 90-year-old, who has 14 children, 25 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, is the star of a video created by YesEquality, an organisation campaigning in favour of same-sex marriage in Ireland.

‘God made us all and he made us all equal,’ she said.

‘Everybody should have the opportunity to get married. Gay and lesbian people should have been free to get married years ago.’

Four Days Left

With four days to go before the vote is cast, more than 80,000 people have watched her inspiring message – with hundreds of viewers sharing messages of solidarity on social media.

One user, Jess Halpin, posted: ‘I love this woman! So elegant, open and compassionate. An inspiration.’

Another, Seán O’Sullivan, said: ‘It’s so wonderful to see the equality supporting Catholics in recent days take to the yes equality page. In the end its the same love. Great woman Madeline!’

paula’s final comment:  I am currently in Australia, but I am voting in

spirit.  Ireland don’t let me down!Unknown-2

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