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13407335_10156977388600142_3999965697482715353_nWe are all grieving the deaths of young gay men and women and straight loving persons who happened to be in the Orlando night club on June 11/12, 2016. If one were to watch television or go on-line, there is a real disconnect between the victims and other agendas.

I have shook my head when the victims are forgotten and the comments are about political parties, gun control, Islam, terrorism, Trump and Obama. This world is NOT a hateful or terrifying place. There is more love and good deeds than hateful rhetoric and crimes.

Free haircut for street people

Free haircut for street people


The Free Hair Cut- London, England

Joshua Coombes gives dignity to people who live on the street. During his free hair cut, he tries to understand his client and offer encouragement and advice.

Sikh Man Removes Turban to Save Dog

The turban (dastaar) is an article of faith in Sikhism. It is typiucally only removed in the privacy of a man’s home. Yet, Sarwan Singh, a Sikh man, took his turban off and used it to help save a drowning dog in Punjab, India.




Gravenhurst, Ontario – CanadaUnknown-2 Unknown

This tiny town, located about 2 hours north of Toronto sponsored a Syrian refugee family. The people raised money and donated food, clothing and kitchen gadgets.

Then, a despicable thing happened – while the family was in Toronto, heartless thieves broke in and robbed the family. To their aid came incredible good hearted

Love and healing go together

Love and healing go together

residents. Together with the wife of the Syrian family, everyone had a bake sale and a wonderful get-to-gether.

Instead of isolating a family as an undesireable immigrant, people have been them part of the community.

Be THE Difference

You and I cannot change the world, but we are part of it.  “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”  Decide to make little changes where you live and work.  Buy someone a coffee – smile at a senior citizen, make a phone call.  Be LOVE-in-ACTION.


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