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The red tie of Perkins is symbolic of the blood shed by his message of hate

The red tie of Perkins is symbolic of the blood shed by his message of ha

Tony Perkins in on the watch list of Southern Poverty Law Centre.  This group follows the words and actions of hateful right wing groups.  Perkins is on the list because he is the President of the Family Research Council.  There is no ‘research’ involved.  The word implies an open mind, of seeing two sides.  Perkins and the FRC are just hateful “Christians” who in no way resemble the Christ who walked the earth.  Jesus never mentions homosexuality.  He mentions loving relationships – and in his day – he was trying to uphold Jewish marriage.  Back then, a husband could just utter the words, “I divorce you,” and the woman was thrown out of the home with no access to her children.  She had little or no money and prostitution was often her only means of existence.  Perkins ignores the words of Jesus, “Love One Another” and “Do not Judge.”  And he interprets Scripture to fit both sides of his lying mouth.  The American Native Indians have a word for this – “Speaking with Forked Tongue.”

The Floods Are Revenge for Homosexuality! (Really?)

Perkins, like Donald Trump, can deliver messages of hate and try to make them sound like the truth.  Perkins is on record for stating that recent floods in the States are God’s revenge for homosexuality!  They are God’s ways of pointing out SIN!  However, when Perkin’s home went under water, he called it “God’s Will” and made it a BLESSING rather than a curse!  LOL.

Perkins called this particular flood “an incredible, encouraging spiritual exercise ” in which  the flood victims are taken to the next level of their walk with an alright and gracious God who does all things well.”  (Hello, Perkins – are you aware that if God does “all things well” – then, his creation of homosexuals in a great plan?)   He went on to tell his followers that God considers them “worthy of suffering for his sake.”  (Well, Perkins, you have tried to make the LGBTI community suffer)!


Got to keep the powder dry!

Making Us Suffer

Many Christians that are somehow “offended” by Christianity, never engage in hateful words or actions.  They often state that God will judge everyone.  They are basically harmless.  However, Perkins deliberately hates his “neighbour” if that person is part of the LGBTI community.  He prefers to take the place of God – and judges us!   Here are some of the ruthless, unChristian and diabolically evil statements made by Perkins.  The information comes from the Southern Poverty Law Centre:

—–the human race would be extinct” if homosexuality were to become “normal.”

——Defended Uganda’s “kill-the-gays” bill as a “laudable” effort “to uphold moral conduct.”

—–Claimed gay youth have a higher suicide rate because they intrinsically know their sexual orientation is “abnormal.”

—–Asserted that there is “a correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia” and that pedophilia “is a homosexual problem.” (contrast this with any psychiatric association that states homosexuality is a variation of sexuality and that pedophilia is a mental illness and also a crime)

—Repeatedly predicted that a Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage would lead to a “revolution” and “the dissolution of our republic.”

—-Likened homosexuality to alcoholism and drug addiction.

—Said lawmakers who backed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell have “the blood of innocent soldiers on their hands.”  (The LGBTI community have given their lives as military personnel and in 911 rescues, etc).

—Called on troops to fight the gay “agenda” as an enemy within.

—Described LGBT rights activists as pawns of the Devil: “The Enemy is simply using them as pawns, they are held captive by the Enemy.”

—Insisted that LGBT rights advocates inspire ISIS terrorists and act like terrorists themselves.  (Amazing claim.  When did we last see LGBT members throwing straights off roof tops?)

Final words:  Perkins and Trump get media attention by evil means.  It is frightening that both have followers.  However, the majority of good people exist.  We should know our enemies like Perkins/Trump etc, but never be daunted by them.  Our love and pride as LGBTI people shines in this darkness.  Keep loving and hold you head up high.   paula.


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