Apr 112013

Young man wearing a prayer shawl at the Wailing Wall.

God was looking down on the earth when He/She saw a commotion at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  From the vantage point of Heaven, God was able to see the Wall divided into prayer sections, one for the women and one for the men.  Then, the organization, Women of the Wall, donned prayer shawls and “all hell broke lose.” According to ultra-Orthodox Jews, wearing a prayer shawl can only be done by men.

The five women who dared to wear a prayer shawl were arrested. Now, another name for the Wailing Wall is the “Jailing Wall.”They were part of a 120 women monthly prayer group service at the Western Wall.

God stared as an ultra-Orthodox man burned a prayer book belonging to the women.  He was arrested.  God is not surprised, these women protests have been going on for some time.  Some of the women had the audacity to leader others in prayer.  They were arrested, too.   Why are the ultra-Orthodox men getting involved?  It is their duty, according to Orthodox laws, to govern the activities at the wall.  Orthodox rules also prevent men and women from praying together.

Many liberal Jews want to change this rule, so another platform is being suggested, so that men and women can pray together.   Orthodox Jews only make up ten per cent of Israeli’s Jewish population, yet they are very vocal.

As to the quality and content of these prayers, God sighed, as many prayers seem to condemn 50% of his creation-women!

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