Apr 062017

The Daily Show is terrific.  It is comedy that takes on all the unfairness, stupidity, hateful speech and actions of humans.  This show has exposed politicians.   It is worth going to the Daily Show webpage and type in “Sean Spicer and Kindergarten” or you can do the same on Tube.  Don’t miss this video.  You will be ‘rolling in the aisles’ with laughter.

Sean Spicer

Saturday Night Live has a go at Spicer

Spicer has become more and more angry and condescending to the Press.  His remarks have indicated that they are just kindergarten kids.

This video cleverly places Spicer with kindergarten kids.  I really enjoyed the little girl with a globe that kept asking, “When are we going to talk about Russia!”

Here is how the interview went with the kindergarten kids.

Queries included “Can I feel the fish today?”

“When are we going to learn about Russia?”

and “Where are my building blocks?”

Spicer was quick to try and control the “kindergarten press” with words that he has used to grown up pressed members.

“You don’t get to just yell out questions.

We’re going to raise our hand like big boys and girls,

Spicer snaps when one boy, looking like he’s about to have an accident, asks to use the bathroom.

April and the bathroom boy

One little girl shakes her head.  This happened in a real press meeting when April Ryan, the Washington bureau chief for American urban Radio Networks would not stop shaking her head.   This really annoyed Spicer who condescendingly reprimanded the woman as if she were a child.

“It’s my turn!” a student named April shouts, referring to getting to feed the classroom fish.

“At some point, April, you’re going to have to take no for an answer,” Spicer says. “You’re shaking your head — take no for an answer.

Here are several images of actress Melissa McCarthy from Saturday Night Live.  She does an incredible rendition of Spicer.

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