Sep 302016

Go On – Snort and Giggle – Jokes For You


The Long Hike

A lesbian and her girlfriend were on a long overnight camping hike. By the fourth day, both of them were scruffy. Anna came out of the tent and joined Cessy at the fire. Her hair was going in all diretions.

“Cess, do I look like a water buffalo. Tell me the truth?”

Cess replied, “If I told you the truth – would you promise not to CHARGE?”


The Long Lesbian Relationship

Two women were in a relationship for 50 years. They never fought, shared their thoughts and it was peaceful.

Suzie had one stipulation – never to open a shoe box.

Martha agreed and kept her promise until Suzie was very ill. Martha in trying to get the house tidy accidently opened the shoe box. She found two cute little furry rabbits and $10,000 in cash. Martha asked Suzie to explain.

Suzie told her. My grandmother approved of our relationship, but gave me advice. “Don’t argue.”

“Yes,” agree Martha, “You would also get up and go to your room.   Can you explain the two rabbits?”

“Well” replied Suzie, “When I was really mad at you, when I used wanted to strangle you – I’d go and make a rabbit alone!”

Martha beamed, “So I really only annoyed you that badly on two occasions, but what about the money?”

Suzie stared Martha in the eyes. “That was the money I made from selling the rabbits!”


The Not-So – Sexy Get-away!


Lesbian 1. “Darling can we meet and go to a hotel next weekend?”

Lesbian 2. “Sorry, I’m having a headache next weekend!”



BREATH: What is light and you cannot hold it for long?

CATERPILLAR:   A worm in a fur coat.


Lesbian Bar Scene


(A) Drunk & Swaying Lesbian:   “Is this seat empty!”

Offended Lesbian: “Yes, and mine will be empty if you sit down!”


(B) Annoying Lesbian: “Say, gorgeous haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”

Other Lesbian: “That’s why I don’t go there any more!”

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