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Gidget the 10 lb. Goat Will Be Home for Christmas in Newfoundland, Canada

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Nova Scotia is in yellow and Newfoundland in Orange; both are provinces of Canada

Tom Jones raises goats.  He lives near Freeport, Nova Scotia, Canada.  He decided to give an early Christmas gift.  It did not come wrapped in paper with a bow, but was sent in a pet carrier.  People use pet carriers to take their animals to vets or to travel with them in cars.  In this particular pet carrier, was a three-month-old goat called Gidget.  This ten pound got was to be flown from Halifax, Nova Scotia to the Island of Newfoundland.

Bad Weather

Gidge-t the 10 lb. -. 3 month old goat

The plane took off from Halifax but never made it to St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Bad weather was to blame and the plane returned to Halifax.  Gidget was in her carrier in the cargo hold not knowing what was happening.

The Air Staff of Westjet Has to Make a Decision

The people who arrived back at Halifax knew they would be taken care of by the Westjet staff until their plane took off the following morning.  Theyhad to make a decision about Gidget the Goat.  They decided that she should be taken to the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic is another city called Dartmouth.  Getting her there was another matter, but it was decided she should take a taxi ride.  (Here is a map, you will see that Halifax is not far from Dartmouth, N.S)


The Surprised Taxi Driver

Mark Thurston was very surpised when he found out he was going to drive a goat.  He has been a taxi driver for 30 years and never had this type of request.  He told the newspapers that Gidget was noisy at first, but he turned on music to a low level and she calmed down.  He told everyone that the goat was better behaved than some customers he has driven.

Nice People at the Emergency Clinic

The people at the clinic were not used to seeing goat patients, so they phoned the original owner, Tom Jones, and made sure that she would be properly fed.

Home For Christmas

There will be snow in Newfoundland.

Gidget was on the plane the next morning and arrived safely.  Her new owner was delighted to see her.  She will be a pet and will grow old with her owner.  I am sure that this new owner will have a couple of nice Christmas gifts for Gidget.



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