Dec 272016

This was a comment I made on Joemygod. I have been so rattled about the comments of hopelessness and despair. Yes, there have been many deaths of celebrities – many who supported the LGBTI community. However, who are alive have to RISE UP like the Phoenix. paula.

Here is my comment on Joemygod – Dec 27, 2016.

I am really disheartened when my brothers and sister LGBTI and straight supporters on this site get angry at 2016 or add comments of hopelessness. Trumpaneze ‘kicked Democrats & LGBTIs in the ass’ and so many are lying down and letting them put the Nazi boot to our necks. If we let them do this, they are figurative and literary taking the life-breath from us! NO. No. NO. Don’t let them come on this sight and gloat. “Look the faggots have no guts!” We have guts and glory – we always had it. We have survived from the dawn of civilization, on every continent. We have worn pink triangles – have been thrown from buildings – faced death with our pictures on Ugandan newspapers – been called pigs by African leaders and yet we are HERE. When I think of our gay brothers and sisters trying to survive ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Africa – we still have our rights (maybe have to fight for them again) but we are ahead of the game! These guy just mentioned, are in the closet ,or if they are out – they are threatened with death or jail every second of the day.

Look at America and Trump. His craziness affects both straights and gay and those looneys that voted for him. We are not alone and when he starts cutting Medicare and building a wall (which I doubt he will) we will start getting ‘strange bedfellows.”
The “Make America Great Again” will soon die, when the poor become poorer and jobs promised will never materialize and millions are without medical care.

Now, let’s take our heads out of the sand and stand up tall. This can be a lesson game changer for us – if we in the LGBTI community – have been lazy and let other LGBT activists march, fight legal battles and write columns. Many LGBTI persons did not bother to vote! Let’s go back in history and image what it would have been like to be a black person in the south. Imagine separate toilets, restaurants and schools. Yet, they did not fall on the pile of hopelessness – they marched and let their heads and bodies take physical, mental and emotional blows. They were PROUD. Hey, what’s the use of walking in a PRIDE parade if we are scared shitless or bury our heads in the sewer of Trumpaneze deeds.

We need to rise up – not violenly- Gandhi won India from the British and Martin Luther King won equality all through non-violence. We need to rise like the PHOENIX and shake off the ashes and sack-cloth of mourning because Democrats did not win. Dems are NOT dead. Like the Phoenix we can rise from the ashes – stronger, wiser, more beautiful and more determined. All of us get sloppy and lazy, but we are accountable for this – go out now and volunteer in a homeless gay or non-gay shelter (ONE day a week won’t interrupt your life). Volunteer in an activist LGBT organization and seal envelopes. Look up old LGBT members and visit them. Write letters to newspapers. DO ANYTHING but dwell in self-pity. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your abode – donate and donate to others on the front line.

I notice many mourning the sad events of 2016 – yet if you google “Happy or Great Events of 2016” you will get perspective. Sorry, but life isn’t just about America – we all walk the human walk. Having voiced my opinion, I want to add that we have always overcome as a gay community and we will. Rise up and may 2017 see us stronger, happier and wiser – a thought needs to become an action. Love you all.

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