Sep 182017


Strictly Come Dancing’s Gemma Atkinson is no stranger to putting on a rather eye-catching display, as the actress caused temperatures to rise back in the noughties with a steamy lesbian sex scene for an indie film.

Starring in 2009’s Boogie Woogie, the 32-year-old soap star stripped down to her underwear for a raunchy scene with Ray Winstone’s daughter, Jaime, also 32.

Playing an artist, Charlotte Bailey, in the film, Gemma seduces Jaime’s character in the back of a taxi where they share a kiss.

And it’s not long before the two are stripping off in the bedroom following their romantic date night.

In the scene Gemma – who at the time was a lads mag favourite – strips Jaime down to just her knickers before doing the same as they kiss.

The pair then frolic on a bed, and indulge in some rather steamy close-ups for the camera.

Gemma, who left Emmerdale earlier this year, told at the time how both of them needed booze for some Dutch courage. She said: “I asked to keep my bottoms on. The director let me.

“When it came to kissing, he said, ‘I want you to go for it because the more you do it, the more happy it’s going to be’.

“Me and Jaime said if we were going to do it we might as well do it properly or it’s going to look crap and we’ll regret it when it comes out. So we had a few shots of vodka, closed the set and did it in one take with two cameras.”

The 2009 film about the international and London art scene also starred Joanna Lumley, Gillian Anderson, Alan Cumming, and the late great Christopher Lee.


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