Mar 112015

Gifts include cash, gold, a diamond ring, diamond earrings and a Toyota

A former national softball player has made headlines in Thailand after she proposed to her girlfriend with a two million baht ($61,000) dowry.

On the morning of 8 March, Chanut went to her girlfriend’s house in their home province of Chonburi bearing gifts for her future in-laws.

They included 400,000 baht in cash, 333.5 grams of gold, a diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings and a Toyota car.

Friends and relatives attended the traditional courtship ceremony, including Chanut’s 73-year-old mother, and both families gave their blessings to the marriage.

Chanut, 32, now teaches at a university in Bangkok and met her 24-year-old girlfriend three years ago while the latter was a student there.

They decided to wait until she graduated before telling their families about their relationship.

Her girlfriend recently graduated and now works as an accountant in Bangkok.

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