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The gay slur did not come out of a physical encounter.  It did not come out of the mouth of a sore loser’s mouth.  In fact it came after the game and from the mouth of a player whose team had trashed their opponents.  This happened in Kentucky where only 33% of the voters approve gay marriage.

The Story:  (This Happened in December)  I want to follow up on it.

Dalton Maldonado is a good player and he starts each game as a point guard on  Betsy Layne High School basketball team.  Most teens are fragile in high school in various ways, but Dalton had just “come out” to his parents and two of his team mates.

Dalton’s team was soundly trashed and that can be humiliating, but that is nothing compared to what an opposing team member yelled:

“Hey, number 3, I hear you’re a faggot!”

Dalton shot back with a joke that obviously stunned and offended the player and his team.

“Yeah baby, can I have your number?” he replied.

Inside the locker room, Dalton hit the locker with his fists and then sat down and cried. One after one of his team members asked him why he was upset.  Dalton stood up, “I’m gay, I’m gay, OK?”

The Bullies of Bryan Station High School were not finished with Maldonado.  They tried to board the Betsy Lane bus but were stopped by Dalton’s team mates.  Not satisfied, some of the bigoted Bryant Station High School bullies got into their cars and followed the bus.  It is reported that they made gestures with their hands of “shooting” and continued to yell “faggot.”

Back at the Tournament Hotel

The police had reasons to believe that the harassment would continue at Dalton’s hotel. For security purposes, they restricted access to the floor of the Lexington hotel where the team was staying during the four-day tournament. Anticipating continued harassment, Dalton was inviting to leave early, but he refused.  The coach and team stuck by Dalton and even team mates asked him to stay in their rooms for additional authority.

paula:  I would like to follow up on this blatant discrimination and the car chasing after the bus incident.

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