Apr 272015
Unknown-6Unknown-1Figures released by the Department of Education in the United Kingdom – show 300+ kids went to live with same-sex parents last year
Good News for the LGBT Community
From 2011 to 2015 the number of children formally adopted by same-sex parents has sharply increased.  These figures show that 180 children were adopted by gay couples last year, while 150 went to live with lesbian parents.

This is up from the total of 120 children who were adopted by same-sex couples in 2011, according to The Telegraph.

Same-sex adoptive parents are now believed to account for 1 in 20 cases in the UK, while the remaining 19 in 20 are heterosexual parents.

This follows the change in law in 2005, which permitted unmarried and same-sex couples to adopt for the first time.

Prejudice is Still Alive – Unfortunately

UnknownDespite the good news, prejudice against gay parenting is still prevalent in the UK.  The television show “Strictly Come Dancing” judge, Craig Revel Horwood reported that he received abuse on line after stating that he would consider adoption.

Craig Responds

‘Some people have been really horrid and abusive and disgusting,’ he said at the time. ‘There are kids out there who need education and they need foster homes to go to and they need people who are prepared to love them.’

Well said, Craig.


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