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Danny and Aaron

 A wedding day is carefully planned for the couple and their guests.  It is a memorable day and care is taken in the selection of music, readings, vows and general entertainment.  There are many ways that a couple can arrive.  Trish and I arrived by boat.  Both our parents were dead and our next door neighbour Joyce and Lloyd led us down the ‘watery aisle’ by boat.  There on Muskoka rocks and in a Canadian scenery of pine trees we met and took our vows.  That was in the year 2000 before the legalization of gay marriage.  We consider this to be our wedding day and later in 2005 we slipped into the town’s registry office and signed the legal papers.  paula.

The Arrival of Danny and Aaron

IBrrK6H is a story of Danny Rose and Aaron Rosenberg who arrived in a very different manner to the applaud and joy of their guests.  They rode in on a white horse covered with the Star of David and called the event a “Jew-nicorn.”  Benny Medina was master-of-ceremonies and guests included Courtney Cox, John Legend and  before Sir Ian McKellan who was officiating.

The couple entered their reception atop a unicorn they fashioned themselves by putting a fake horn on a white horse – with Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ blaring out of the speakers.  The puns were numerous.

Puns Galore

  • Looks like they have a… stable relationship
  • Is that unicorn horn circumcised?.
  • In the least derogatory way possible, that is as gay as it gets.
  • Now I want to see a gay Hindu wedding where they ride in on an elephant dressed like a wooly mammoth.
  • “Tonight, we ride.”
  • Did no one else get the Friends reference here?
  • The old lady’s gone! She’s no longer haunting Phobe! She’s seen it all!
  • … so unicorn is kosher?
  • Jewnicorn… anyone? Ok I’ll go…
  • Those are some good looking Jews.
  • Kinda thought they would ride bareback….
  • How brokeback mountain should have ended.
  • 50 shades of neigh


I looked for a unicorn poem and I found this one.  paula.   Best wishes for a long and happy marriage to Danny and Aaron.



The saintly hermit, midway through his prayers

stopped suddenly, and raised his eyes to witness

the unbelievable: for there before him stood

the legendary creature, startling white, that

had approached, soundlessly, pleading with his eyes.


The legs, so delicately shaped, balanced a

body wrought of finest ivory. And as

he moved, his coat shone like reflected moonlight.

High on his forehead rose the magic horn, the sign

of his uniqueness: a tower held upright

by his alert, yet gentle, timid gait.


The mouth of softest tints of rose and grey, when

opened slightly, revealed his gleaming teeth,

whiter than snow. The nostrils quivered faintly:

he sought to quench his thirst, to rest and find repose.

His eyes looked far beyond the saint’s enclosure,

reflecting vistas and events long vanished,

and closed the circle of this ancient mystic legend.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

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