Apr 242017

Paula here.

I wanted to immediately point out that this bully-attack  amounted to  almost two men beating one woman.  Here is the gang mentality that unleashes anger, inferiority complexes and a hatred of lesbians.  The women were used as punching bags.

Portsmouth, England.

The eight lesbian friends left the Blue Anchor pub in Portsmouth and a group of men started shouting homophobic abuse. The exact details of how the attack started are unclear, but five of the women sustained injuries.Thugs punched one woman so hard, seven of her front teeth fell out, resulting in a fractured jaw.

Bystanders stated that one  woman was cornered by seven men, pummelling her in the chest. It was so unfortunate that other women and children were standing by as this despicable incident happened.  Although bystanders yelled for the thugs to stop – they ignored them.

The sister of one of the victim’s said: ‘The men had got off the girls but they were still hitting the older woman, I’d say at least 20 or 30 times.‘I was begging them to stop.‘It wasn’t until they heard the sirens that they threw her and ran off,

Police are investigating.

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