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Candian winter



Firstly, I would like to greet the wonderful women who are viewing this site from all around the world.  Many times during the day, I check to see the flags and to find out where you are from.  One day, I had to get an atlas and find out where the Mariana Islands where located.  I knew it was somewhere in the Pacific Ocean as the Mariana Trench is so deep that it is higher (or lower) than Mount Everest, so it goes down more than 29,000 feet.  I digress.

Last winter, my wife Trish and I took our trailer south out of the freezing cold temperatures of Canada.  We made our way carefully down through the upper U.S.A states that also had snow on the ground.  Eventually, we took off our heavy jackets when we reached the Southern States.  Our destination was Florida and we would spend from January to April in State Parks cooking our meals and walking the beaches.

What amazed me this time was the number of incredible lesbians that we met camping.

We bet a couple from Quebec and Trish grabbed the opportunity to use her French. Then, we met a Latino of Cuban descent who had a long distance relationship with a teacher on the opposite side of Florida.  Love will travel!

Perhaps, you have heard of Key West as the gay capital of Florida?  It is located on a beautiful drive that takes you over many bridges with the ocean each side.  Boats sail the turquoise oceans and pelicans dive for fish.  Along the route are Keys or towns where tourists flock to sun bathe or fish.  It was in one of the Keys that we met a couple of groups of lesbians.  We met them again and they had joined up with more lesbians.

We were invited for ‘happy hour’ which means drinks and small bites to eat.


Their lives were fascinating.  One lesbian served in the Navy and had met her partner and were married in Washington, D.C.  They had been on the road for ten years traveling in a beautiful motor home.  A second couple consisted of a lawyer and a college professor, they traveled with their dogs for part of the year. Several other couples were semi-retired and drove around the states meeting and staying with other lesbians that they had met over the years.

In Key West, we wandered the cafes and bought gay apparel.  I asked for directions from a woman that looked like a ‘sister.’  Well, she invited us to her home to stay the night.  Her partner is an engineer and she still works as a nurse.  The current Mayor of Key West is a Gay guy.  On the way out of Key West, we were directed to a lesbian commune.  It has been a place of retreat and rejuvenation for many years.

We are everywhere.   We are unique, gifted, strong and beautiful.  We need to celebrate our selves and each other



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