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Pay up and Shut Up. You are giving Christianity a bad name!

Pay up and Shut Up. You are giving Christianity a bad name!

It’s December 2015 and  Christine Boutin, ex-president of France’s Christian Democratic Party, has been fined on charges of “publicly inciting hatred or violence” against LGBTI people.   Boutin belongs to that self-righteous group of people who think they can spout homophobic Scriptural passages without fear of any law.  In many countries, people seem to think that ‘free speech’ gives them the right to say hurtful, harmful and insulting remarks.  Well, Boutin learned the hard way.   She is being fined E5,000 (Euros) ($USA5,470; £3,686) for ‘publicly inciting hatred or violence’ against LGBTI people.  In April 2014, Boutin announced publicly that “homosexuality is an abomination.”

What’s in a Word – Abomination?

People have to be careful when they use words such as abomination.  Here are some of the word’s meanings:

disgrace, curse, evil, crime,  detestation, revulsion, repugnance, 

Paula here – just trying to understand this woman and her claim to be a Christian or Christ-follower!

For example, would you go up to any minority group and state – “All your followers are a revulsion.”


A court in Paris on Thursday (17 December) handed down the sentence to Christine Boutin.  She was minister of housing and urban development under President Nicolas Sarkozy. Boutin must also pay €2,000 in damages to two LGBTI groups, Mousse and Le Refuge.

‘This decision sets a precedent for several reasons. It is no longer possible to escape criminal liability for homophobic remarks under the guise of religious discourse,’ said Etienne Deshoulières, the lawyer for Mousse.

In a 2014 interview with Charles magazine, Boutin said: ‘Homosexuality is an abomination. But not the person.

‘The sin is never acceptable, but the sinner is always forgiven.’

She has already announced on Twitter her intention to appeal.

paula’s comments:

Boutin, tell me, how does a person separate themselves from their natural sexual orientation.?  You have decided to ignore the world-wide  scientific data that states “homosexuality is not a disease, mental illness and since it cannot be reversed, it is NOT a choice.”

Since you are quoting from the book of Leviticus “abomination is a sin,”are you also telling the French nation that “non-virgins can be stoned on their wedding night?”(from the same book Leviticus).  Here are some other abominations for you: eating pork/shell-fish, wearing two different cloths on the body, males cutting their hair, etc.   It is also an abomination to hate your neighbour.

paula.    So now, Boutin, pay up and shut up!

Proverbs:10-12 …… Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.

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