Apr 242013


April 23, 2013.


Paris celebrates on April 23, 2013

Some people in the media are hailing the passing of the Same Sex Marriage act is the most important social reform in France since the death penalty was abolished in 1981.

France becomes the 14th country to legalize gay marriage after New Zealand did the same last week.  There were few protests in New Zealand and many in favour of the legalization of gay marriage sang a traditional Maori love song when the bill passed.

Not so in France.  There have been large protests by conservatives and members of religious affiliations,  some say as large as 340,000 people.  One gay man and his partner were brutally beaten by a gang of four men, already confirming that homophobic violence is on the rise.


Love triumphs over hatred of Cardinals.

The Catholic Church can be very hurtful to gays and lesbians. In September, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon, claimed the government’s plans to redefine the concept of marriage would open the door to incest and polygamy.

That prompted Bertrand Delanoe, the mayor of Paris and one of France’s few openly gay politicians, to say the elderly cleric must have “flipped his lid”.

Prior to the passing of this bill, what rights did homosexuals possess.

Gay men and women can already adopt as individuals in France if approved by social services.

A separate law on providing medically assisted conception to gay couples, already extended to heterosexual couples unable to conceive, will be debated later in the year.

Congratulations, my  “Rainbow” French brothers and sisters.   Vive l’amour!

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